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Useability and Mobile Solutions with SAP Sybase and ADOBE Technology

Enriched user experience everywhere – anywhere with simplified system interaction.


The case for Mobility


There are 4 drivers that make Mobility become highly important to increase business performance for the successful companies in the coming years.

  • Lower TCO: The available development frameworks and tools make it possible to deploy integrated mobile infrastructures at a TCO level much lower than before.
  • Increased Mobility: Business Users expect access to their core Business Information anytime, anywhere, anyplace adapted to the need of the moment.
  • Enhanced Usability: The Business user does not want to invest lots of time in learning how to use the application. There is simply no time for this. A lot of time the user is an occasional user who needs a very intuitive interface that delivers what he wants in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Enhance Connectivity: The available wireless network capacities are much higher then before, which makes it possible to work as if you where connected.

The combination of these 4 drivers makes the business case for Mobility the hype it is today.


The Case for increased Customer Experience Management and User productivity


The time of data entry, over-organized screens, for every application a different touch and feel is over. Users are now used to intuitive and rich user experience interfaces while browsing the web, while using the latest office automation tools. The time is now, to bring those engaging experiences to business users. Customer loyalty and employee satisfaction improvement strategies indicate the need for richer application and supporting enterprise architectures going forward.

Companies do want to create informative, interactive, great looking and user customizable websites. Companies now have additional alternatives to add an interactive graphical layer on top of their existing ERP or other systems. These seamless integration, and new ways to interact, with SAP and Oracle systems but also parties like SalesForce.com, are a proven way to boost users' productivity.

We develop solutions based on SAP Sybase and Adobe technologies.


The Solutions we offer in this context :

  • Customer interaction (RIA)
    • User Interface design
    • Sales force automation (SFA)
    • eCommerce (B2B and B2C)
    • Backend integration
    • Flex development
    • Mobile development (including Sybase)
  • Paper to digital: Eliminating paper and moving to automated forms-based workflows
    • Static/Interactive Forms
    • E-invoicing
    • Correspondence management
    • Rights management
    • Workflow automation
    • Document management services
    • Electronic signature
  • Web design
    • Web content management
    • Digital asset management
    • Web analytics

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