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SAP CRM & Mobile Solutions

Alti.cernum offers SAP basic, off-the-shelf, pre-packaged solutions under the name of SpeedCRM.

These basic developments are complemented by advanced mobile solutions based on the Sybase Technology of SAP.

Following offerings are available :


  • Preconfigured solution
  • Business scenarios with detailed descriptions
  • Data upload programs
  • Classroom training material & user manuals
  • Blackberry (optional)
  • ...

100% In line with SAP

According to "SAP Best Practices for Customer Relationship Management

Accelerates your conceptual phase with ready-to-use prototype


  • Project Sales
  • Visit Planning
  • Agenda Maintenance
  • Integration Microsoft Exchange
  • Task Management
  • Customer Request Handling and Follow-up


  • Interactive Surveys
  • Marketing Campaing Plan and Execution
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Personalized e-Mails
  • Campaign Execution


  • Inbound and outbound phone call processing (excluding CTI Integration)
  • E-mail handling (receipt and reply)
  • E-mail response management (ERMS)
  • Extensive business partner information
  • Problem and solution search in knowledge base
  • Case management
  • Creation of service tickets without SLA

Check our mobile solution demo movie