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Enterprise Information Solutions


Alti.cernum delivers a broad range of business intelligence solutions based on Business Objects and Microsoft Technologies. Our solutions vary from broad BI Strategic Consulting to the implementation of Business Objects, SAP BI and Microsoft BI solutions.

We also offer pre-packaged solutions such as:

BI Builder


  • Verify your current BI system to observe if it is all set for a BOBJ layer on top
  • Analyse your added value with BOBJ
  • Complete your knowledge of BOBJ (integration with SAP BI)
  • Give migration advice from SAP BI to a BOBJ – SAP BI landscape


  • BOBJ proof of concept based on existing reports to demonstrate the BOBJ expertise on your data
  • You will be able to test all the BOBJ potential on your system
  • Plan to migrate your SAP BI in BOBJ reporting

Renovation (Project Approach)

  • Spice up your existing reporting with a BOBJ flavor
  • We will migrate your environment towards BOBJ reporting

BI Doctor


  • Technical & functional assessment of your BI system
  • You receive a full report on the fitness of your BI system (Reporting / Loading)
  • You receive real cure to improve the health of your BI system


  • We set-up the administration cockpit with our own reports
  • You are able to monitor the loading and reporting on your system
  • You obtain a real monitoring cockpit Prevention


  • We install a genuine Cernum application which is based on CCMS to help you monitor your BI system
  • It includes intelligent mail routing so that the right people are pro-actively informed about the health of your BI system


BI Inside


  • Activating BI on your existing SAP System (ERP/CRM)
  • Activating Business Content
  • Creating preconfigured BI reports
  • Reporting documentation with detailed descriptions of functionalities and reports
  • Classroom training material & user manuals
  • BOBJ Flavor (optional)
  • ...

Accelerates your conceptual phase with ready-to-use prototype reports

Business Intelligence inside packages

Pack CRM

  • Option: Activity ManagementOption: Account Management
  • Option: Opportunity Management
  • Option: Marketing
  • Option: Services
  • ...

Pack ERP

  • Option: Material Management
  • Option: Sales
  • Option: Finance
  • Option: Purchasing
  • ...

SAP BO Tools

BOBJ Runner

BOBJ Installed = A fine-tuned BOBJ platform
  • It is not recommended to install a BOBJ platform without prior reflection. Our BOBJ architect will help you to setup a BOBJ platform fitting into your organization.


BOBJ Secured = Use a structured security model on your BOBJ platform
  • A good security model is helping you to define a safe, well-performing and comprehensible way of working. We will provide you the procedures and best practices to setup a secured environment.


BOBJ Deployed = Lifecycle management on your BOBJ platform
  • Do you want to revert to a previous version of your report or universe ? Cernum is having a longtime experience in lifecycle management on the BOBJ platform.


BOBJ Enhanced

BOBJ Status = Efficient communication with your BOBJ users
  • You can directly communicate within the BOBJ environment now! You will be able to communicate to groups of users


BOBJ Quick Link = Display a BOBJ report within an external application
  • You only need one click to display a BOBJ report within an external application.BOBJ Quick Link supports parameters to refresh the data dynamically.


BOBJ Master of the Universe = Modify objects on your universes in bulk
  • You can avoid repetitive tasks. A few examples: rename or hide objects via wild cards, change default settings, add or modify descriptions in bulk, ...