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SharePoint Competence Center

What can you ask us?

Our offerings in the market are flexible and innovative as well as integrated.

Who are we?

Our SharePoint Competence center was created in 2007 as an independent entity called Teamlink and joined alti.cernum in 2011. We work closely together with our colleagues in France in a team of about 30 people. Together we cover all disciplines to implement and customize your SharePoint environment.

For us SharePoint is not only a technology, but an enhanced tool to make collaboration work. Collaboration is about people and the way they work together. Out of the box SharePoint installation is often not enough; we help you to collect your requirements and wishes in order to set up and customize the SharePoint environment that will work.

What can you ask us?

We have a team of well-trained SharePoint experts. Not only technical consultants, but also business consultants with an extensive knowledge of collaboration and knowledge management.

The team has built up competencies regarding the integrated solutions of the Microsoft technology: building blocks on communication, workflow, presentation and integration in the Microsoft Office environment.

Our developments graft on a Microsoft Office Sharepoint server, a Content Management server or a Biztalk server. We also have competencies in Office development, .Net framework developments with Visual Studio, Database development with SQL Servers and Business process modelling tools.

Our approach

We help you to analyze your business and to collect your requirements for internal collaboration. How can SharePoint help you with this?

  • How are processes currently organized? Which improvements can be made?
  • Which information should be made available. How can be ensured it is up-to-date, easy to find and organized in a clear and logical way?
  • How can the people in your organization get involved and can be made sure they will recognize themselves in the intranet or extranet.

The implementation of SharePoint might look like an obvious choice, but maybe it is better to check thoroughly whether SharePoint is the right choice for your organization and the way you would like to collaborate. We help you to set up a proof of concept in order to convince yourself or your management.

We help you to set up and configure your SharePoint environment. This means that we install and configure security, sites and site collections, adapt your house style, configure workflows, versioning, integrate Microsoft Office, migrate documents, et cetera.

Our SharePoint consultants carried out complex project management assignments in order to get SharePoint implemented or to migrate from other content management systems to SharePoint. We conducted and accompanied the migration of large parties with hundreds of sites to an shared enterprise

If the out-of-box implementation is not sufficient, then we can help you to customize SharePoint. This means that we customize web parts or web controls and, if required, we develop them from scratch. Specific web pages and master pages can be changed in order to adapt your house style. We customize workflows and define forms according your needs.

We help you with the setup and the communication of document routers, custom actions, supporting wcf en web services, Outlook 2007 and Word 2007 add-ins, and alternative search implementation.

Our delivery Modes

Moreover, as a client, you can choose out of a large spectrum of service delivery modes depending on your choice of cooperation with the alti.cernum experts: