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JAVA Software Factory

Our delivery Modes

Moreover, as a client, you can choose out of a large spectrum of service delivery modes depending on your choice of cooperation with the alti.cernum experts:

  • Time & Material Service: Are you looking for one or more experts under your supervision? Is the intervention only for a temporary mission? Don’t you have the right man/woman for the right spot? Then you should choose this type of Service contract, although we prefer a long-term and stable collaboration above a one shot.
  • Fixed Price Service: Do you want to delegate your entire project to external partner that can bring an added value? Is a commitment to deliver within time and budget important to you? Is there a need for an external partner from the Design till the Go Live phase? Today alti.cernum can take over your projects in fixed price mode going from a few 100 man-days up to more than 1000 man-days.
  • Managed Staffing & Managed Service: alti.cernum can manage SLA based, all your resources and applications.
  • Application Maintenance Outsourcing: alti.cernum’s AMO Services exists since many years and can help you to decrease your costs and focus on strategic initiatives by externalizing your Enterprise applications towards alti.cernum. We combine our own management tools with a large experience to enhance the continuity of your Enterprise applications.
  • Nearshore offering: Are you looking for a partner that can externalize your new developments and/or maintenance towards a low cost environment within our time zone? Since several years alti.cernum services many customers from our Near Shore and Green Shore offices. These offices are real alti.cernum subsidiaries.