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Technological (R)evolution

The evolutions of the last years have reopened transformational ways of looking at business opportunities and value creation. Current technology allows the handling of massive quantities of real time data to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions.

This vision is not new, it was the root cause of the technology bubble in the early 2000’s. People talked about Market Places, Realtime Enterprises , E-commerce. Innovations that would transform businesses. In fact they killed a lot of businesses.

The ideas were great, however, the technology did not always deliver the expected results. The vision was 10 years ahead of its time. In the past 10 years we witnessed a steady evolution towards the world we are in today with Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and Wikeleaks, and with companies like Ryanair, Apple, Facebook and other social media.

All of these companies have been inspired by technology to differentiate themselves in their specific industries.

Today the visionary ideas of 10 years ago are more than ever becoming a reality.

Unlimited Information

Our Information Technology capabilities have grown to huge levels, wireless computing works with sufficient bandwidths, and our computers soon will be able to store Hexabytes of data – In-memory. The total database of a multinational can be stored into a memory chip/card, and can be reached in a split second.

On top of this, software has become cheap. You can download easy-to-use software applications for all sorts of Business Applications in domains such as ERP, CRM, Supply-Planning and Business Intelligence for free.

Value for Business

So today we have a massive supply of technological components at our disposal. The challenge in the next few years will be for businesses to use the technology wisely. The goal will be to transform this technological tsunami into Value for the Business.