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alti.cernum is currently one of the leading actors in ICT consultancy. It all started in 2007 when Cernum and Alti, two successful ICT consultancy companies, merged together. Both had already acquired a strong reputation and were leaders in their fields of expertise.

The Alti group, which acquired Cernum in 2007, is active in Belgium since 1999 in the areas of SAP ERP, Microsoft Technology and JAVA. The company is headquartered in Paris and has more than 1400 engineers in Europe. It specializes in ICT consultancy and in different technologies such as SAP ERP, SAP Netweaver, .NET, SharePoint and JAVA. Respect, exemplariness and movement are its three essential values. Alti is also committed to supporting ecological (Goodplanet.org) and humanitarian (Toutes à l'école) projects.

The Cernum group was specialized in the SAP technology, more in particular SAP CRM, SAP Netweaver or SAP Business Warehouse. In 2002, Cernum became the first partner in Belgium to offer the SAP CRM solution. Since then Cernum has delivered various projects in Europe with organizations that have multiple divisions in several countries and Cernum has also delivered projects in different languages supporting hundreds of users.

Combining these vast technological strengths means that alti.cernum can offer various IT solutions and the company is today both a Microsoft and SAP Gold Partner.

All alti.cernum employees have IT in their genes and are eager to face professional challenges. Our end-to-end projects make sure that our experts are actively involved in every step of the business. Creativity, reliability and inspiration are the characteristics of alti.cernum’s DNA. Our aim is to add even greater value to our customer’s business operations by mixing superlative technological skills with creativity and inspiration. We use the SAP and Microsoft technologies to develop innovating and reliable solutions. This added value allows our customers to fully realize their professional objectives.