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Energy & Utilities

Our vision on the Energy & Utilities industry

Today’s generation mix (together with a growth in renewable energy products) and customer behavior changes are calling for smart grids. Therefore the balancing activity of energy supply and demand on the grid will gradually change in a more complex exercise requiring automated solutions and adequate data management.

Other perceived main challenges within the Utility sector are volatile market prices, strong downward margin pressures due to increased competition and a maturing asset base, sustainability issues and changes in corporate structures, processes and regulations.

To successfully respond to these though challenges, Utility companies need to:

  • Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increase focus on delivering world-class customer experience
  • Manage their existing fleet base more efficiently and carefully plan new asset investments
  • Carefully monitor financial performance and manage risks & regulatory compliance
  • Deploy new operating models and technology platforms to support them

Area of expertise

At alti.cernum we have a Energy & Utilities industry team dedicated to helping these companies tackle the toughest challenges. We deliver tailored services in the areas of Fleet & Maintenance Management, Trading & Optimization, Customer Service Management, Sales & marketing, Finance, Risk and Regulatory.

Our functional and technical experts have years of end-to-end experience in delivering specialized solutions for the industry.

It is alti.cernum’s aim to add value to your businesses by creating sustainable, reliable, agile and innovative business processes, all inspired by the technological evolution.

Our end-to-end Service offerings within Energy & Utilities:

  • Business consultancy & Strategy:Audit – Advice – Business analysis: optimize processes to address business challenges
  • IT consultancy:IT strategy, IT architecture, impact & feasibility study, functional analysis, implementation & coaching, set up test scripts & execute tests, assistance in knowledge transfer, training, maintenance, …
  • Program and project management:assure qualitative delivery in time and within budget
  • Management consulting: change management - ad interim management

Value for the Energy & Utilities industry through inspired, sustainable solutions

At alti.cernum, we have end-to-end Utility market experience providing a range of services to those companies operating in the gas & electricity markets. We have in-depth knowledge of the markets, the players and the challenges faced by all participants, whether they are market players, government, regulatory agencies, trade associations or consumers.

Our product offerings contain a wide range of tailored solutions in the management of electricity and gas. These solutions address the range of challenges that are facing the enterprises, as they have to adapt to a changing regulatory environment, to political, economical and market pressures and to technological evolution.

We are motivated to stay one step ahead. One step ahead means we are constantly in vogue with new business developments in the industry and with the software involved. Quick turnaround time and a highly qualified know-how, are our capital which leads to your profits. A strong vision and a process-oriented approach make our solutions a reliable choice for tomorrow.

Are you looking for a business partner who can cater to your specific requirements and bring true added value? Then contact alti.cernum. With our profound expertise in the Energy & Utilities industry, we can take you from the analysis phase through the implementation phase to a successful operational solution.